Beiti Restaurant
Beiti Restaurant



Beiti is a Lebanese restaurant in Tour Michelet, France. They serve Lebanese dishes including mezes, salads, sandwiches, meats, and desserts.


Whether their clients choose to dine in, order food, take-away, or cater a certain event, Beiti’s chief concern was to make their place home; i.e. “beiti”, for real. CREDOU took good notes of all of these and strategized correspondingly.  






"   Découvrez le Liban
chez Nous!  





Our Approach 

At CREDOU, we were fully-aware that the Lebanese expats do not only need a place that they can comfortably call home. They needed somewhere that reminds them of Lebanon; “home”. From here, we thought that simply designing a place or initiating a concept would not fulfill Beiti’s goals. We had to go further, yet we had to start from somewhere.  


Our point of departure was rebranding. Because we wanted to pinpoint an element from our rich cuisine, we chose the parsley; a major ingredient in Lebanon’s most famous dishes; Tabbouli. Just like its extra use to decorate some plates, particularly the mezes, the parsley in Beiti’s logo decorated the outlines of the traditional Lebanese house’s roof sketched in red. The color demonstrably referred to the famous brick architecture; ingraining one additional time the sense of home that our client wanted to manifest. 


We then moved on to the decoration phase. We have plumped for a modern with a bit of twist style to target the Lebanese expats, in addition to “les Français”, and the youth. Our décor did not discount any classic trend. Rather, it communicated a Lebanese aesthetic touch through its monochromatic color palette and natural lights. Undoubtedly, the Lebanese spirit can never be complete without transferring the culture of ‘our home’. We’ve thus crowned Beiti’s design with illustrations of our very own artist like Feyrouz and Wadih El Safi. 


When we think of Lebanon, food, nightlife and entertainment are what pop into our heads. Having this combination at Beiti, we knew we had to do something special! We birthed a mood with an exceptional, typical Lebanon experience. Hence at Beiti, customers can now enjoy weekly events such as an open wings and beer, a cocktail station, and a beer station.