Laiterie Al Beqaa
Laiterie Al Beqaa



The owners of Laiterie Al Beqaa are Lebanese expats living in France since 2002 who transformed part of their home into a small dairy factory.


Their goal was to revive the authentic, homemade taste of Lebanon. When they contacted us, Family Mimassi simply needed a straightforward branding strategy: a simple logo, a menu template, and some little packaging. 






"   Le goût du Liban
fabriqué dans le Val d’Oise  





Our Approach

CREDOU saw a big potential in that little family business, so we allowed ourselves not to meet their needs, but surpass them! We wanted Laiterie Al Beqaa to evolve; to go someplace further than simply selling dairy products in a beautiful, branded package. We wanted them to have a special place in the market.


Because the owners are from Lebanon’s Beqaa, the name we proposed aimed at preserving that identity in everything they do. This is eventually where they learned, tried, and succeeded before leaving for France. With the same objective in mind, we developed a design that depicts Beqaa Valley; Lebanon’s most important farming region and home for very rich crops including wheat fields, olive groves, and vineyards.


To successfully reserve a place in the market, CREDOU conducted an A-to-Z market research and found out that three convenient approaches would fulfill our vision:

First, we went along with the famous saying “if you’re not online, you don’t exist”. In other words, we helped Laiterie Al Beqaa build a strong presence on social media. This marketing strategy was based on positive interaction, engagement, and communication with the audience. We also ensured that their activity is informative; thereof came up with content that followers can benefit from such as providing recipes and tips.


Second, we wanted to place the laiterie on the ‘e-shop map’ by setting up an ecommerce website. By doing so, we wanted our client to extend their reach, make purchasing a piece of cake, hitting revenue goals, and ultimately reaching full potential.


Finally, we worked on booking a place for the laiterie in events and help them partner with restaurants via connections and the website created.


All of these strategic steps aided Laiterie Al Beqaa to come up with advanced concepts like give rise to their exclusive cheese “Sulguni” and partner with chefs to create meals using their dairies. We both accomplished this goal by setting the seal on the very initial promise: producing noncommercial, meritorious dairy goods that spread Lebanon’s authentic taste to the world.