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To put it simply, Badawi Jewelry is a family business who sought the services of CREDOU because they wanted to establish their shop and needed the essential branding ‘material’ to proceed.


Examining their sleek, shimmering creations, we were sure that we could engender a signature not just a brand name.  





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with Soul and Style  





Our Approach 

Badawi Jewelry’s designs had something unique. They were luxurious and every-day-pieces at once. They were trendy and classical concomitantly. They were sophisticated and fashion-forward that they fit any person, any age. You don’t ever want to take them off, and you can’t easily take your eyes off them either!


As they relied basically on typography with a touch of gray and anthracite, they wanted their creations to speak something to the customer. We’ve suggested coining pieces inspired from Hollywood’s Walk of Fame stars with one’s name as a trademark forasmuch as they symbolize glamour. Add to this, sketches that inspire motivation, customizable pieces with personal stories behind each, and stones that bestow luck.  


All of their ‘ingredients’, the stars, stones, sketches, stories, even the gold and anthracite, are originally rooted in nature. Add to the idea that their items could be worn anywhere, enthused us to start the branding journey with a photo session based in nature. We’ve applied this approach in all of our media strategy starting from colors, the fonts, the design, and even the social media content which included signs and horoscopes which focus on the alignment of the stars and planets, constellations and the moon to influence every individuals’ daily life. We have strived for a minimalist approach as the simplest ideas often communicates the quickest. Besides, they are calmer and relaxing, just like nature. The entire approach along with the visuals targeted a broad age range; 18 to 85! 


To top off the concept, we’ve mapped out a boutique and not any regular shop. That is because our research proved that boutiques are more than just stores; they’re style educators! Typical places know how to engrave their names in the marketplace by specializing in one unique category and capitalizing on their diligence to fill the field’s gap, and that’s exactly how we’ve perceived Badawi Jewelry since day one!