Bill's Farm
Bill`s Farm
Abu Dhabi



Based in Abu Dhabi, Bill’s Farm restaurant offers a unique experience with its live grilling station.


Because they wanted something that showcases their concept, Bill’s Farm sought the services of CREDOU and we’ve accordingly developed a full strategy that meets their vision.  




"  A Farm
on Sea Level  




Our Approach

We’ve visualized the live station as an experience itself which aims at enticing the customer’s taste buds with all the sizzles, drizzles, and aromas of the live-grilled meat.


We therefore came up with a concept that ensures allowing three different senses work together in harmony: they see the ingredients, they get a noseful of the smell, and they taste the succulent flavors.  


Bill’s Farm needed to preserve authenticity in every corner. Just like their meat, we’ve reflected that authenticity along with the concept’s essence in all things, literally!


Whether the furniture, the menu, the stationery, the gadgets, the design… every little item was custom-built with genuine leather. Not to forget the setting as a whole, the plates, and even the logo that were crafted with wood. In all of this, CREDOU wanted to carve the ‘all thing natural’ idea in every customer mind.