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Nathalie Gharbi is an interior designer who founded her own brand in Beirut. She triumphed in creating statement pieces that blend her passion for bespoken enlightened furniture, collectable designs, and iconic pieces.


Gharbi had the pieces of art, but not the brand that resembles her and fits her mission. And she finally found it at CREDOU! 






"  We design not only for beauty,
but for success too.  




Our Approach

If gold doesn’t mirror the luxury Nathalie Gharbi creates, we don’t know what color does! That’s the foremost idea we had in mind. We mingled the positive emotions like success, charisma, prosperity, value and elegance that gold symbolizes with the cleanliness and purity of the white color. Add to the light grey that suggests modesty and maturity that balanced the perception of affluence and grandeur that gold would reflect. 


Her identity had to incorporate the merged messages that the colors uttered. But it had to show the uniqueness of her pieces too. The classiness that shone from within our client couldn’t not inspire us as well. Add to all of this, our urge to spread the designer’s brand abroad had us go further to brainstorm something that matches all of what have been mentioned and perfectly flow with the cultures of the four corners of the world.  


To secure spreading NG Luxury Designs’ voice everywhere, Nathalie had to have a ‘passport’; a catalogue, that exhibit her one-of-a-kind items. Although we do believe that customized catalogues are marketing powerhouses, we were confident that, when incorporated with omni-channel marketing, they would boost awareness and trigger people’s curiosity. This ultimately will secure us reaching our goal.


We have therefore accompanied Gharbi’s passport with a visa; i.e. an expository website, a boarding pass; i.e. luxurious business cards that hold customized pins, and certainly, an immaculate luggage; a social media feed that looks just like her services: beautiful, purposeful, and livable!