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A Lebanese initiative which endeavors to give small, local producers, majorly women, a platform to sell their goods in Lebanon and abroad. Products are mainly mouneh which hold a special position in the Lebanese; particularly the expats’, hearts. They include Zaatar, Makdous, herbs and spices, jams, dried fruits, and so on. All of them are super natural, very organic, and fully sustainable.


Other than supporting local and empowering women, Rawk’s goal was to become a bridge that links different diaspora with their countries. In other words, they want to gather all traditional food of every country and deliver them via their platform to all of those craving a taste of their culinary heritage.





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A Taste from Home  





Our Approach 

We’ve resorted to neutrals and pastel colors which work well together to create a feeling of earthiness and sophistication. The sundry shades we have utilized including the millennial pink, creamy mint, whimsy yellow, and many others indicated rebirth, renewal, and rejuvenations.


The mixture of off-whites and gray is known to be evergreen. This typically describes Lebanese mouneh; preserving nature’s goodness in jars! By blending all of these colors and their significations, we strived for crafting appealing packages that remind everyone, no matter where they are, about their country’s priceless treasures while bringing a taste of home upon glancing at Rawk’s canisters.


Social media’s content aimed at positioning our client with respect to their core goals. We thusly portrayed different elements from nature starting from the arable lands, the trees, the birds, even the farmers, reaching the jars, and the fruits. By engraving the idea that all of Rawk’s products are sourced locally, or farm to table, we ultimately tend to connect people to earth while supporting healthy, natural, and sustainable, local products.